I am using the Silicon Labs CP2112EK eval kit. It's a USB-SMBUS/I2C device.
When I boot into Ubuntu, I can see this device no problem, it's in /dev/i2c-x
On the exact same server with a different boot drive, using openSUSE Leap, I do not see any i2c device in /dev

i2c-tools is installed on both machines but I don't think I'm even at the stage where I can use this yet if I don't see anything in /dev. I have a 2nd server also with Ubuntu (16) and it also has no problem seeing this i2c device.

Is there anything I have to enable in openSUSE to get this to show up? The openSUSE server has no issue seeing other USB devices I plug in. I imagine the sensors package should use this too but it did not help.