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Thread: Strange Firefox Behavior in Opensuse

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    Default Re: Strange Firefox Behavior in Opensuse

    Quote Originally Posted by mrmazda View Post
    McCloud, it would be interesting to know if the problem recurs if you change either of the following settings via about:config in your Firefox urlbar:

    layout.word_select.stop_at_punctuation (is false in upstream branding?)
    browser.display.use_system_colors (is true in upstream branding?)

    I would try it myself, but I only use ESR, and upstream branding.
    After reading your post I decided to revert the process and return the FF to its original branding, and the problem that made me open this topic comes back. And yes, the settings in about: config were as you pointed out. I switch the layout.word option to True, and no difference, so i change back to false.

    But then i change the browser.display option to false, and this make everything looks fine.

    A really easiest solution. Thanks so much to point that.

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    Default Re: Strange Firefox Behavior in Opensuse

    Might report this in bugzilla it appears that openSUSE branding sets some options incorrectly

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