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Thread: Plasma error on update

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    Quote Originally Posted by gogalthorp View Post
    First off tell us the GPU hardware and if this is a notebook.

    Can you boot with nomodeset?

    At boot screen press e
    Find line startin linux or linuxefi
    go to the end of that line (note it wraps)
    add a space and nomodeset
    F10 to continue boot

    this will load fall back drivers that shold work with any hardware but with reduced proformance. but it will allow you to install needed drivers
    Thank you, I will try it, and report the result.

    It's a GeForce 8600GT (the driver is nvidia 340xx). And is not a notebook.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emtorres View Post
    I have the same problem, but in a new installation of Leap 15.1. And I don't know where to report.
    Did it work OK before you installed tainting drivers? All my PCIe GeForce and Quadro cards, including one GeForce 8600 GT, work fine in 15.1 (and TW) with the upstream default DDX, modesetting, by having neither NVidia drivers nor xf86-video-nouveau installed.
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