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Thread: Python2's urllib2 broken?

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    Default Python2's urllib2 broken?

    I would like to compile freeciv program with emscripten.

    emconfigure ./configure CFLAGS='-s USE_SDL=2 -s USE_SDL_TTF=2  -s USE_SDL_IMAGE=2 -s USE_SDL_GFX=2 -s USE_ZLIB=1  -s SYSTEM_JS_LIBRARIES=[library_websocket.js]' '--disable-fcdb' '--disable-server' '--disable-ipv6' '--enable-client=sdl2' '--disable-sdl-mixer' '--disable-fcmp'
    Result in (I select only interesting part of log): . ICU cannot be downloaded.

    Maintainers of emscripten port don't known what happens, so I think my OpenSUSE installation is broken.

    I use OpenSUSE Tumbleweed with newest updates,

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    Default Re: Python2's urllib2 broken?

    I found error.
    I must install libopenssl1_0_0 and python2_ndg_httpsclient packages.
    Are dependencies of python2 broken?

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    Default Re: Python2's urllib2 broken?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lachu View Post
    Are dependencies of python2 broken?
    Of course not. Python2 does not need these packages, why should it require them?

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