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I tried susepaste but, it would not accept it. Maybe because it's 11.1 MB in size 3840x2160 pixels idk.
I wish I could make a video of this. The picture in the middle is actually 6 different pictures each displaying for several seconds and then on to the next one. This is the water vapor map. More could be added too as desired.
The music conky scrolls right to left, the seismic and news (The Onion) conkys are scrolling top to bottom. The big weather conky on the left is stationary, the system conky and the clock on the right are also.
This system was state of art about 5 years ago, still isn't bad 4th generation i7, GTX 980 ti.

A couple of months ago I got a new PC for the wife to replace our 10-11 year old Quad Core, It has an 8th generation i7 8700 3.2Ghz 6 physical cores.
I had to RMA the video card GigaByte NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 and am waiting to see if that holds up.

Sure am anxious to put something Linux on it. But, trying to bide my time.... ;-)
Yes, that size is a bit big You can upload direct to the forum, but you would need to resize....

Nice desktop, so how are you pulling down the weather map.... I am working on a setup to pull in from the NOAA satellites as they pass over via rtl-sdr, predict for the satellite position data. I just need to work on the antenna. It's on a RPi3 to complement the system running aircraft tracking.