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Now, I get it. You ran version and it starts just fine without tklib for me too so I will skip version Perhaps some funktion in will require tklib and if so I know where to find it. Thanks again, kerijan2003!
Some clarification.

When starting a new version of fr for the first time a pop-up window showing development history is displayed. The entry dated 18.08.26 tells of the cursor package and autoscroll which both live in tklib. A later entry 18.10.11 states that cursor and autoscroll are now optional and fr will only "whimper" if they are not available. The exact meaning of "whimper" I don't know yet. So I guess that if tklib is installed then fr will take advantage of that and if not then some features will be missing. The near future will show if I can live without those features.

And please forgive my lousy spelling. It's generally caused by interference from the Swedish part of my brain.