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Thread: AMD RAID controller how to configure

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    Question AMD RAID controller how to configure

    hi, i have an bios raid 0 here and the opensuse cant see it, someone with ryzen there is able to use amd raid controler on this linux? i was using it on fedora 27 and have problems now that i upgraded to suse, this kernel come with ahci driver buildin and i cant modprobe -r ahci, when i try to compile the driver it give many errors, in fodora 27 it did not give errors, someone?
    i think i will need recompile the kernel with the ahci as a kernel module ...

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    Default Re: AMD RAID controller how to configure

    Do not use BIOS RAID.
    Use software RAID provided by a Linux kernel or add hardware RAID card (dauhterboard).

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    Default Re: AMD RAID controller how to configure

    - Motherboard model
    - RAID controller manufacturer and model

    What you might have done to install and configure RAID.
    If you installed in BIOS, then what do you see and if any errors are displayed or at what point you expected something but saw something different.

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