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Thread: Any Help How to Upgrade ltsp server image from 86 to 64

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    how to upgrade ltsp server image from 86 to 64
    im using Leap life education 42.1

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    Default Re: Any Help How to Upgrade ltsp server image from 86 to 64

    In short: you can't. You would have to rebuild/recreate the image. AFAIK there is no conversion 32 -> 64bit. And .....
    42.1 is way past it's end of maintenance. We're at Leap 15.1 currently.
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    Default Re: Any Help How to Upgrade ltsp server image from 86 to 64

    I took a look around at this...

    Looks like the project was migrated from sourceforge to launchpad many years ago, the current webpage is
    The current "upstream source" is
    I'd be the first to admit I wouldn't know what to do in a launchpad repository, I do not understand its organization, I cannot find any actual code and any links to "code" only point to metadata which of course is insufficient for any level of understanding or use (cannot compile metadata). There are links to rhel which I assume could be branches used to build RPMs but they don't ultimately lead anywhere that makes sense to me.

    There is a Kiwi-ltsp but it's very badly out of date, I see nothing useful there
    There is an Easy-LTSP but it's even further out of date

    The current download link for installing ltsp on openSUSE appears to be broken, instead of pointing to instructions or a package, it defaults to the openSUSE distro download page

    Bottom line,
    You'll probably have to contact ltsp to get any useful info.

    I wouldn't recommend it,
    But I assume you could do what's necessary to upgrade openSUSE from 42.1 > 42.3 > 15.0 > 15.1, but that would leave your ltsp install untouched with unpredictable consequences. You should try to upgrade your ltsp in sync with your upenSUSE upgrades or if possible export necessary info, rebuild completely from scratch (not possible until you can get ltsp install packages for 15.1) and import your data.

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