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Thread: Thunderbird and Enigmail How to

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    I will read more from Mozilla but I have a problem with the fundamentals...

    I started an email message on my Leap15.1 Laptop and saved so I could come back to it when I had time.

    I then tried to open the saved message on my workstation Leap15.0 machine but the workstation machine cannot open the draft message because there is no matching secret key found.

    I use IMAP so the draft is saved to my IMAP server and so is available to both machines. Not a surprise that I have a problem on reflection, but what is the correct way to have both or even all my email clients' profiles set up so that each can use the same keys and I do not have this problem if working between machines?


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    It's been a long time since I used Enigmail, but in the past it was only necessary to copy ~/.gnupg from the working to non-working machine, ensuring afterwards that the permissions of all files are RW by the owner only on the destination machine.

    Alternatively it's also possible to export and import keys, but offhand I don't recall how to do that.
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