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    Like many others I switched to a different email application some time ago. Currently I could change back pretty easily but wonder how well it's working now. I found recently updated KDE instructions of what to do if indexing for instance fails. It did have a reputation for that and also loosing / failing to receive emails. Akanoidi seemed to be the route cause and that seems to be still being used also for logging K apps user data and previous states etc.

    Problem with switching is that nothing really compares with the old Kmail. It was supported for a while but as that may not continue i switched packages. Same seems to apply to the new version - no other linux package can offer the same but little point unless it's 100% reliable.


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    I didn't move away from KMail(2) – despite the annoyances that it (still) has …
    My current reported issues against KMail:
    1. “e-Mail archive doesn't if KMail2 (Kontact) isn't running” – Bug 409666
    2. “KMail - moving an e-Mail which has been read to a new folder, places the e-Mail file in the sub-directory "new"” – Bug 384144
    3. “KMail2 - Received e-mail without a colon on the header field "To" does not display” – Bug 382856 – an issue with a Mozilla Thunderbird BCC behaviour and KMail being super (RFC) correct …
    4. “KMail2 - MDN not being sent in response to an eMail requesting a MDN sent from MS-Office365” – Bug 373608

    There was also the issue “Mail sent is landing in sent-mail/new/ directory.” – Bug 409531 – it was resolved by a kdepimruntime patch.

    I'm remaining with KMail because, despite the annoyances and, the occasional need to fsck and vacuum the Akonadi database, it does the job.

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    I number of people switched to claws. I did for a while but had odd quirks so went back to the route that comes from, sylpheed. It's been ok except if some one sends me a pure html email. Rare -only ones I can think of is one from microsoft and another believe it or not from this forum when I checked password details etc. All others have text as well. One oddity with sylpheed. Transferred my mail directories etc to a new machine and it took a while to find all of the ones in it. Probably due to it archiving rather a lot. I should have a clear out really.

    Slypheed will only save attachments and no way to handle html but apart from that ok for several years now. There are some plugins about now but haven't really looked or tried any of them. Sounds like I will be though.

    All functions perfectly as far as I can see even filtering. One odd habit that it might be possible to over ride is return mails from anyone I have emailed go directly to the inbox. My previous version would only handle 2 of my email aliases. Fortunately I only use 2 of them so ok. I did bug report that so may have been fixed.

    Whoops just told it, latest stable, to open text/html to firefox and all ok. Just one email but rather hopeful. It's also displaying jpg's in html automatically.


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