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Thread: Minimalist openSUSE Tumbleweed backgrounds

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    Lightbulb Minimalist openSUSE Tumbleweed backgrounds

    Hello everyone!
    I began installing openSuSE yesterday (didn't manage to install nVidia graphics, but nvm), I always enjoyed minimalist backgrounds but couldn't find any related to openSuSE Tumbleweed.
    Despite being really simple and easy I wanted to hear what the community thinks of it.
    I will also be publishing a script for anyone wanting a background that changes depending on day time (based on Zorin OS's script [for Gnome]).

    Link to folder with everything:

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    Default Re: Minimalist openSUSE Tumbleweed backgrounds

    I like them though I'm not an artist so this opinion might not be super valuable. I also have no idea on the licensing of openSUSE logos but I think it's worth checking if using the chameleon is legal without some openSUSE official permission.
    Best regards,

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