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Thread: Minimalist openSUSE Tumbleweed backgrounds

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    Lightbulb Minimalist openSUSE Tumbleweed backgrounds

    Hello everyone!
    I began installing openSuSE yesterday (didn't manage to install nVidia graphics, but nvm), I always enjoyed minimalist backgrounds but couldn't find any related to openSuSE Tumbleweed.
    Despite being really simple and easy I wanted to hear what the community thinks of it.
    I will also be publishing a script for anyone wanting a background that changes depending on day time (based on Zorin OS's script [for Gnome]).

    Link to folder with everything:

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    Default Re: Minimalist openSUSE Tumbleweed backgrounds

    I like them though I'm not an artist so this opinion might not be super valuable. I also have no idea on the licensing of openSUSE logos but I think it's worth checking if using the chameleon is legal without some openSUSE official permission.
    Best regards,

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    This section of the trademark guidelines is relevant for this case:

    "You are welcome to make use of the openSUSE Marks to produce merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, bags, jackets, sweatshirts, mugs, and desktop wallpapers and give them to your friends, family, community members, provided there is no commercial interest behind it. You have to request permission if you want to commercially distribute articles using the openSUSE Marks (see "Contact Information" below to request permission)."

    Also see this:

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