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Thread: usb install/upgrade/rescue does shutdown while booting

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    Exclamation usb install/upgrade/rescue does shutdown while booting


    On my Dell XPS the upgrade from Leap 15.0 to 15.1 fails during the boot sequence. When booting from USB stick the menu to select Install, Upgrade, Rescue etc. appears normally. After selecting either of these options the booting continues (green bars appear). The messages on the screen report: loading basic drivers. scanning hardware ...
    However, after reporting "Activiting USB devices" the system suddenly powers down, without warning.

    I tried several BIOS settings. BIOS is allowing USB boot so it seems. The USB stick also seems OK. I installed and upgraded other systems without problems using it.
    For the record: the filesystem containing Leap 15.0 is encrypted.( can't see how this can be related though)

    Any help is welcome!
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