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Thread: NitroShare How to Tumbleweed

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    Can someone please post a guide specifically on how to get Nitroshare working in openSUSE including firewall configurations.
    Every guide on the Internet is based on Ubuntu. Installation was a breeze but I cannot get Nitroshare to connect with other devices.
    Nitroshare unlike kde-connect does not have a service one can select in yast-firewall.

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    First, I would like to offer my apologies as I had not seen that a similar query had been posted back in May 2018: "". That post did not appear in the many searches I did online via various search engines.

    Unfortunately the solution offered there by steveblezy, did not work for me.

    "firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=40818/tcp

    firewall-cmd --reload"

    My version of Nitroshare is:
    nitroshare-0.3.4-3.5-x86_64 & nitroshare-kde-0.3.4-3.5-x86_64

    I would be very grateful for any assistance offered.

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