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Thread: USB 3.1 ports not working

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    Exclamation USB 3.1 ports not working

    I have a fresh install of opensuse 15.1 after breaking something with a driver that should have worked.
    For the most parts I have no problems and the ones I had just needed a kernel update (Opensuse never really liked my GTX 1060.)
    But I fixed the problem with that. Now my only problem is my USB 3.1 ports are not working on linux. I know they work because they
    work fine on windows, but when I am on Linux it is like they have no power to them. My other USB ports work just fine, what would I do
    to fix the 3.1 ports
    I sometimes have problems with how compatibility works with my parts.

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    Default Re: USB 3.1 ports not working

    If you have a Gigabyte motherboard then it may be:

    Some Gigabyte motherboards, GA970 and GA 990 variants are two that I know of, require specific settings of the BIOS and two additional kernel parameters.

    In the BIOS:

    Enable XHCI Handoff
    Disable EHCI Handoff
    Enable IOMMU

    Kernel command line additions:

    amd_iommu=on iommu=pt
    Regards, Paul

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