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Thread: Questions about YaST->Security Center and Hardening

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    Default Re: Questions about YaST->Security Center and Hardening

    Quote Originally Posted by suseino View Post
    I don't even know which one specifically you may have answered as you added a lot of extra info to which others replied etc. So I am missing short and clear answers to all the initial questions. (Stackoverflow style)

    Originally Posted by suseinoMy questions are:


    1. How to deal with it?
    2. Is the message wrong (a bug to be reported)?
    3. Is the umask wrong (a bug to be reported)?


    4. Based on what are these particular services considered "extra" and "potential target of a security attack"?

    5. Which one of them should I disable or (if I should not) how to secure them?
    I'll try again then...

    1. Deprecated. So, forget about it.
    2. No problem or bug to be reported. Just ignore.
    3. No. Forget about it.
    4. That's a subjective question, so there is no possible accurate answer.
    5. You pick for your own use. If you don't use the service, it can be disabled or blocked. But, if you need it then I'd advise you not to disable. Instead, read up about the service and harden it.

    Computers in general, and an operating system like openSUSE are used in infinite ways to do infinite things, so there is no one size fits all solution for everyone else that would be the immutable default. Instead, openSUSE provides you with ways to more easily make certain configurations you might want to do, but it's your decision based on your situation and need that should guide what you actually do.

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    Default Re: Questions about YaST->Security Center and Hardening

    Thank you.
    Concise and clear is much better

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