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Thread: Torbrowser: signature failed

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    Default Torbrowser: signature failed

    Hi all.
    I'm new to OpenSuse and I installed the torbrowser-launcher package via zypper.
    But when launching it I get the message
     Signature verification failed!
    I remember having the problem a long time ago on Debian and not being able to find help about it and as a consequenceI basically used a different computer for a while when I needed to use the tor browser.
    What causes such behaviour?
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    Default Re: Torbrowser: signature failed

    42.3 is old and it is quite possible that package there includes old signing key.

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    Default Re: Torbrowser: signature failed

    For quite a long time now,
    Although it's possible to install tor from openSUSE,
    I generally recommend that Users download and install the Tor Browser Bundle (tbb)...
    When you extract the compressed file, the result is that tor runs entirely within the extracted directory tree (browser, dns, launch, etc).
    This keeps your tor activities isolated from how the rest of your system operates.

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    Default Re: Torbrowser: signature failed

    Indeed upgrading to 15.1 solved the problem apparently.
    I did download the TBB once (on another distro) the way tsu advises it, but doesn't it break the update process?

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    Default Re: Torbrowser: signature failed

    Quote Originally Posted by LienRag View Post
    I did download the TBB once (on another distro), but doesn't it break the update process?
    I use portable tor browser on Windows (which basically is the same as downloadable archive for Linux) and it updates itself just fine. Actually the only real advantage of torbrowser-launcher that I'm aware of is desktop file.

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    Default tor-launcher Maintainer Package

    Try to change the Tor server if you can. BIOS and system clock (current time and date) must be synced, if not, Tor won't start. Start by deleting the one you have and get the rpm package from opensuse.

    Get the Leap package 42.3 there:

    Show torbrowser for other distributios> Unsupported distributions >show> Leap 42.3> noarch:

    This website is updated for all distros, TW package works (.noarch.rpm x64). Can be installed offline and dup will get missing packages:
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