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Thread: Krita from KDE:Extra - where do you report bugs

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    Default Krita from KDE:Extra - where do you report bugs

    I've been wondering if someone could log a bug for Krita from KDE:Extra repo (which I tend to use as it is more up to date). Since version 4.2 it does not work with global appmenu on Plasma - appmenu does not display at all (neither below window bar, nor in the global appmenu widget). Appimage from Krita's site works as it should, global menu displays correctly.

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    Default Re: Krita from KDE:Extra - where do you report bugs

    Submit to

    Be sure to include details so that the problem can be replicated, eg
    Clear descriptions or the errors themselves (often if you launch an application from CLI, the error will display as text which you can copy, else a screenshot can be helpful)

    Include package versions if possible.

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