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Thread: Internal Microphone Shows as Unplugged

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    Default Internal Microphone Shows as Unplugged

    So, I have a new HP laptop Spectre X360 15.6, 15-df0033dx to be exact.

    Alsa lookup here:

    The sound card was configured in Yast and has no problem playing sound, that all works fine. Even my internal web-cam works great and no issues there.

    Ever since I removed Windows 10 and installed Leap 15.1, I am having issues with the internal microphone which it says is unplugged. BTW, this is not a dual-boot, only OpenSuse.
    Skype shows me as not even having a microphone at all.

    So, I am looking at the previous posts about the microphone, and seeing if I can resolve the issue.

    If anyone could suggest a configuration or driver fix to get my microphone working and recording, that would be great!


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    Default Re: Internal Microphone Shows as Unplugged

    Which desktop environment are we talking about?

    You could install pavucontrol, then use that to fiddle with the audio preferences.
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    Default Re: Internal Microphone Shows as Unplugged

    This is for the KDE Plasma Desktop, not Gnome.

    I already read through several other forums and other posts about the same issue, and nothing has seemed to work.

    I did install KMix, which doesn't run at all .... I also installed pavucontrol and as you can see by the ALSA output, that this device is connected to Pulse Audio.
    I did tweak the setting, such as unlocking both the left and right channels, and nothing ....

    The official OpenSuse Audio documentation doesn't really mention anything much about configuring, testing, or fixing microphone issues unfortunately.

    One previous message suggested changing the microphone boost from NO to YES, except I don't know how to do that.

    I'll still keep doing some research on this.

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