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Thread: Why did not convert file works longer? mkvtoolnix

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    Default Why did not convert file works longer? mkvtoolnix

    Hi i try to use
    mkvmerge -o output.mkv input.m2ts

    But its works nice to convert files, but after i try to read it, its only works for 5-10 minutes.
    So some updates make this software poor? If it not memory card filesystem i use exfat, but its works better in openmandriva LX or ubuntu 19.04.

    So what can it be its give issue that files is corrupt. only play 5 minutes of 1 hour movies.
    Filesize say it was before 80 MB but is now 3 GB.
    so i did not find why opensuse Tumpleweed give this issue?

    I also have issue after copy is completed, its look like its hard to unlock memorycard, its look like its try to write after it be copy, so did not know that this have something to do about it? Same with openmandriva LX4 but its not completed developing release.
    So have some idea how to find out what is wrong? I did not guess memory card.

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    Default Re: Why did not convert file works longer? mkvtoolnix

    I've not heard anyone use mkvmerge to "convert" files,
    The mkvmerge MAN pages (which appears to be duplicated on the mkvmerge website) describes mkvmerge as a media merge tool, allowing for some fine tuning the synchronization eg between the video and audio files as opposed to individual tracks.

    I doubt that any result should be much more than the sum of the individual input files... Your suggestion that your 80mb file(s) might result in 3GB is probably a sign that something is wrong.

    Note the documentation emphasizes in multiple places that the order of your command options is critically important and changing will produce different results.

    If you're doing simple transcoding, I'm sure this is not the right tool... You should be using something like Handbrake, MPEG or something else.

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