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Thread: Change plymouth resolution

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsu2 View Post
    It appears that the dracut MAN pages describes how to add modules if you want to remake your initramfs


    add_dracutmodules+=" <dracut modules> "           Add a space-separated list of dracut modules to call when
               building the initramfs. Modules are located in 

    The following link is to a prior Forum thread asking how to enable early KMS in openSUSE... although I think the specific reason which appears to be to enable higher resolution text is unrelated to your objective to solve a splash page problem, maybe there is something in there you might find useful...

    Your ArchWiki reference reinforces what is in the other ArchWiki I referenced, that if are unable to succeed at launching an early KMS, your chosen display resolution isn't supported by default... But, your reference does have a section that tries to force your resolution

    Note that your ArchLinux Wiki on KMS is really a collection of a multitude of tries with no assurance any would ultimately work. You probably just need to methodically go down the list and try each one after another and hope.

    More a FYI than than anything immediately useful,
    It looks like ArchLinux is about to change to dracut because of a change in maintainers... So there may be more ArchLinux Wiki articles in the future on this topic...

    I'm sorry.
    I somehow managed it to completely overlook this post by you, I just have seen your first post.
    It was my fault and I really apologize for any inconveniences that may or probably have occurred.
    The second link seems like exact my problem, so I'l try what was described there, thank you very much.

    EDIT: The problem I found is that the firmware folder under /usr/lib doesn't exist.
    Is there any corresponding folder on OpenSUSE?

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    Default Re: Change plymouth resolution

    Quote Originally Posted by Tobi_Peter View Post
    The problem I found is that the firmware folder under /usr/lib doesn't exist.
    I am seeing firmware in "/lib/firmware" (no leading "/usr"). This is Leap 15.1.
    openSUSE Leap 15.1; KDE Plasma 5;
    testing Leap 15.2Alpha

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    I can't believe it, it finally works!
    The animation is shown in 1080p.
    Thank you all!

    I had to force the system to use a custom EDID file.
    That was it.

    I followed these instructions to do so:

    I just had to place the edid file in /lib/firmware/edid instead.

    Thank you all for your support.

    Have a nice day!

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