I'm trying to find out how I can build a rescue system like the one on the official openSUSE installation DVD. I'm asking because I would like to extend the current one in a few ways for my own use (integrating my own scripts etc.). I know that it's basically a squashfs file system (actually two) that's started from initrd of the installation DVD. I'm aware of the article https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Rescue_system_on_disk but simply extending the current rescue system as described there will not really work for me. I would really like to build my own.

I know about the build service and kiwi and Studio Express and I would assume that the rescue system on the installation DVD is built with kiwi or something similar but after searching for a while I couldn't find anything helpful. Could someone point me in the right direction how to go about this? A certain template for the build service or a kiwi file for the rescue system for example? I do not about the "JeOS" templates but they create bigger systems and I assume that the rescue system is different from those in some ways.

By the way: I'm not looking for a system that will run in a virtualized environment. I'm really looking for something running on "bare metal", so, for example, it needs to load all the necessary drivers to support the usual mass storage devices when booting just like the normal rescue system.

Thanks in advance!