I have Suse Leap 15.1 and seem to be banging my head against the wall and going round and round in circles trying to find any application or info on such applications to provide a remote desktop type server on my system.

I have previously run Team Viewer on SuSe 13.1 and that worked reasonably successfully - even detecting that I have 3 screens and displaying them all - however the one click TV install offering for Leap 15.1 throws errors on installation and although it does seem to continue to install I get the known issue of being infinitely stuck at 'initialising display settings' message when I try to connect in to it.

I have also tried X2Go server but once again the recommended version fails to even install.

I've had a go with VNC server which seems to be the only inbuilt offering in Leap - however whilst I can get it running and connect a VNC session I just get a small 800x600 black window with mouse cursor only....

Could anyone share any successful 'working' solutions for connecting to their Leap systems with a usable full screen display resolution on the client??
Or any links to fairly straightforward guides\ways to do this?

There seems to be a multitude of info on how to connect 'from' Leap to remote Windows PC's using Remina, KRDC or Tiger VNC - but hardly anything on the other way round. Its almost as if the SuSe folk don't really want people to be able to access their desktops from afar... :-(

Thanks in advance for any inspiration.