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Thread: How to report outdated packages?

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    Default How to report outdated packages?

    I'd like to know what't the best way to report an outdated package.

    I'm referring in particular to vorta but I'd like to know if there is a standard or preferred way to report this kind of issue.

    I've tried to comment on the obs page, and also to open a bugreport, but it seems that they went unnoticed.

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    Default Re: How to report outdated packages?

    If you've already submitted a bug report, then you should be notified of its progress... At the least, I'd expect that the package maintainer(s) would be notified and you should see that in the bug report. Perhaps the maintainer(s) isn't available or the project is currently orphaned, if there is no progress, "bump" the bug by submitting a bug comment that there hasn't been any activity, maybe the bug will then be re-assigned.

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    Default Re: How to report outdated packages?

    Thank you, I'll try to bump it.

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