Hello TSU,
I will create my own wiki page as suggested.

Regarding libcripto, the issue is due to the fact I am using a pre-compiled compressed package provided by the supplier. I don't actually "install" the software, rather un-compress the package using the "install package". I chose this option although it is not the best, because this is not my full time duties. The point for me is to make it work, compatible for personal and community use if referenced.

I agree the wildcard can be dangerous, and can self-conflict.

Nouveau was blacklisted from /etc/modprobe.d/ but when some of the proprietary tools are launched, they immediately try to load nouveau package and hangs for a few seconds. The installation method/procedure has been written in another thread, but I find that it's irrelevant as there is nothing wrong if nouveau is used as long as Nvidia isn't installed.

Yes, modifying in bashrc would only affect the single user, but I wrote this in perspective as a user. I am not an official administrator/IT. I am a user and I am writing for the benefit of a user. I will explore the local profile, but I wish to leave everything unloaded by default for super and other users as there are limited number of licenses, and I want to make sure I have a tight grip on who is using the tool.

Thank you for your pointers.