I recently updated one of my notebooks to Leap 15.1. I use the 'editable location' option for the Dolphin location bar. The dropdown in the location bar shows no history - I do not see the different locations I've entered, only the most recent location.

For example, when the machine had 15.0 installed, if I would add an ftp://user@domain.com location, I could click the dropdown to move back and forth between 'home' and the 'ftp' location (or multiple ftp locations). This is no longer the case. Since installing 15.1, I only see the most recently visited location. (Fresh install of 15.1, not an update/upgrade).

I have looked through the config and settings pages/menus and cannot find anything that changes this behavior. And I've been searching these forums and Google for hours. I would appreciate any help/ideas!

This is a screenshot from 15.0 - as you can see, the dropdown shows my home directory and the ftp location.

Dolphin in 15.1 shows only the last entered location.