On Tue, 11 Jun 2019 21:26:03 +0000, hack3rcon wrote:

> I know that Red Hat is another company but SUSE using .rpm files and in
> the old version, the command to install applications was "yum". Its mean
> that SUSE just built on Red Hat.

No, RPM is a file format. Nothing more, nothing less. It's a package
format that the openSUSE project's predecessor opted to use; SUSE
actually was originally a port of Slackware.

But it's no more a "RedHat derivative" than it would be a Slackware
derivative because it uses the Slackware tar.gz package format (the
history has nothing to do with package formats; it was a translation to
German of Slackware, IIRC).

> KVM owned by Red Hat and when a company claim that it is an independent
> company but use and put a popular tool from other company as a default
> hypervisor then it mean that it is not an independent company.
> Look at the Adobe company. Why Adobe never product its applications for
> GNU/Linux? Because it is under the Microsoft company control.

*sigh* You need to do some research about how open source works, it
seems. KVM was a technology acquired by RedHat (not originally developed
by them), but because it's open source, anyone's able to use it. That's
the point of open source - the code is out there, and anyone who wants to
use it can use it and anyone who wants to contribute to it can contribute
to it.

Adobe doesn't port its apps to Linux not because it's under "Microsoft's"
control (which is, honestly, a laughable statement), but because Adobe
doesn't see the market to make money on it. They develop proprietary
software in a closed-source model, and they have their own revenue
targets that they look at, and they've decided that there's no reason to
port to Linux because they wouldn't make enough money on it to justify
the development expense.

What you're spreading here is FUD, and you need to stop doing that.

Jim Henderson
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