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    Hi all,
    I've been a dedicated openSUSE user for well over a decade and most of the time it's been a brilliant experience.
    In recent years several projects I've been involved with have come to rely heavily on git-annex for data management purposes. It pleased me very much a few years ago when a git-annex package appeared in the official openSUSE repositories, avoiding having to do a (sometimes annoying) build process through Cabal. I see in Leap 15.1 the package has been dropped due to lack of a maintainer.

    I have some small experience in openSUSE packaging and have forked this package to try and get it working again, but it does appear to depend on a lot of Cabal derived packages which also aren't present in the latest and greatest devel:languages:haskell repositories.

    I'm wondering, does anyone know what the situation with this is, and should I just go ahead and start trying to re-package these various cabal dependencies which are missing, aiming ultimately to get git-annex building again?

    Dan W

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    If you'd like to become a maintainer,
    I'm going to guess you might want to start by forking (or taking over) the current OBS project rather than the github project...

    And, there is a Development Forum for all things OBS where you can get plenty of help as needed

    git-annex sounds interesting for large projects, since MS owns github now I wonder if MS has any inclination to merge features in its gvfs project into this project. Currently MS gvfs is implemented only on NTFS, but it is open source and depending on MS objectives could benefit both projects by adding new features (IMO the biggest feature of GVFS is that the client clones and syncs with only a portion of the ginormous repository, doesn't have to clone the entire thing).

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