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Thread: bash - scanvirus script - alpha 7 - offical release

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    Cool bash - scanvirus script - alpha 7 - offical release

    Hello all. "scanvirus" is a script application that uses the clamscan anti-virus engine. It has minimal functions to learn and it only has two dependencies (udisks2 and clamav). It makes virus scans of multiple drives/devices much easier. The logging system is simple to use and manage. Since, it's command line script, no desktop needed.

    It's been run through the fiery forge of bug and design flaw testing. However, any bugs or design flaws not mentioned report them here. Follow the instructions in the script.

    This is an alpha version - incomplete. I'm working on designs for new features.

    If you already have it, use the '-vf' command to navigate to root->usr-->bin. Overwrite the old file. It's compatible with the old version of the logs.

    Don't use 'control-z'. The script doesn't handle that.

    Software License:

    Bugs Fixed:
    Fixed some script errors
    Fixed the date command '1' --> '01'
    Fixed help text
    Added some extra text to the scan command

    Added Features:
    Time Date Stamp can be altered by changing the variable within the script. Use the command line to create date format you want. Then replace the date with your version.
    Time_Date_Stamp=$(date +'%Y-%m-%d %I:%M%P')
    Design flaws:
    control-c interrupt leaves folders behind. So, check this with the '-vf' function.

    sha256sum scanvirus
    f8fa26cdb5c7e356118e741e7205a3c86a4b9c7eb210ceaef2cc7e90951c4ee7  scanvirus
    sha512sum scanvirus
    838bd1ae21fc22278b471064351345ff73d0125a267862ad9abcc0f8d4ee018d748ed03d55d92441691e690dc277cbd9e110e4c163c1d74eedda5df483aa0bc8  scanvirus
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