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Thread: xfce, ibus how to change from <Super>-Space to <Ctrl>-LeftShift ?

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    Default xfce, ibus how to change from <Super>-Space to <Ctrl>-LeftShift ?

    Hi, All

    Leap15.1 with XFCE.
    keyboard switcher is: iBus
    Now switch the input language between Engl / Rus using <super>-space.
    How to reconfigure iBus to switch between languages ​​by a combination of keys: LftCtrl-LftShift ?


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    Default Re: xfce, ibus how to change from <Super>-Space to <Ctrl>-LeftShift ?

    Maybe a combination of info from the following...

    Standard ibus keyboard definitions...

    Default keyboard stroke combinations plus how/where to create your own mappings

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