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Thread: One more thing to windows free!

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    Default One more thing to windows free!

    My iPod 4th generation touch! When and if it can ever be used in opensuse, then I will never hae to ope another windows client.
    HP Compaq desktop Leap15.1 Win10, Win7
    Toshiba laptops Leap15.1 & Win10, HP AiO Win10.
    I can now print with openSuSe Leap! Can Scan now, could be better!!
    I can backup my iPod and iPad with Windows, can't with Linux.(Will get there someday!)

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    Default Re: One more thing to windows free!

    I had, or maybe even have (haven't seen the thing in ages), a first gen ipod which I managed to connect to a Linux distro. Going back to the days I know I used it which was in 2011 I probably used LinuxMint. But if one distro can do it, more can do it.
    I DDG'ed your question and found this:
    Especially the third entry (for me) shows some hope:
    There are quite some steps to take but the website explains it very well, plus most of the steps (if not all) have to be done just once. Try it, who knows?

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