Finally bit the bullet and binned my trusty 13.2 in favour of Leap 15

So far I have to say I'm pretty underwhelmed....

Biggest issue I have is that I run 4 virtual Desktops across 3 monitors. On 13.2 I was able to set a different background for each of the 4 virtual desktops simply by right clicking on the Desktop area I wanted to change, select configure Desktop settings and then selecting the image from file to go on that screens Desktop background.

When I try to do that on Leap 15, say on Desktop 1 screen 1, that image gets displayed on screen 1 Desktops 1,2,3 & 4. Same thing happens on screens 2 and 3. So at the moment I'm stuck with the same same triple screen wallpaper on all 4 Desktops.

I've tried changing the option of Desktop and Folder view but that makes no difference. I cant see any other options to change..

So is it still possible to have different backgrounds on different Desktops? If so what's the secret??

Thanks in advance