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Thread: ksudo & YaST

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    Default ksudo & YaST


    Normally I am logged in as a normal user. However this normal user is also sysadmin therefore I use YaST. Then KDE su prompts for the root password. I enter the right root password, hit OK .. then KDEsu thinks .. and thinks .. and thinks. Then disappears and I am back where I started.

    Anybody any idea what is going on or how to debug/trace?
    Thanks in advance,

    Arjan ten Hoopen

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    Default Re: ksudo & YaST

    Hmm, I have not heard of a problem with "kdesu".

    However, there is a known problem with "sudo" - it doesn't work if "pam_kwallet" is installed.

    If you have "pam_kwallet" then maybe try uninstalling it and see if that fixes your problem.
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