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    can dfu-util
    be added to the opensuse distributions?

    it is developed 'long ago' i'd think when openmoko is developed but for a while it has been 'forgotten' but that it is actually heavily used these days!
    the reason is simply because dfu-util supports the stm32's version of dfu (it can flash firmware onto stm32 mcu's with the mcu's internal bootloader)
    in particular it is a tool of choice for arduino sketch / firmware install for stm32duino libmaple core

    i actually found it in the opensuse build service

    however, if i do a search on the dfu-util package is not found !

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    stm32duino is 'going places'
    i'm not sure why google trends only show the statistics for usa and germany but the trend is pretty clear
    it makes sense to support its tools in the standard distributions e.g. dfu-util which its use isn't limited to stm32 alone

    mcus like arduino, and stm32 is having a 'revival' as these boards affectionately called the 'blue pill'
    are pretty common and low costs, in particular stm32f103c8 blue pill boards (and the former maple mini) are very popular
    and pretty importantly stm32f103c8 is a generic usb device, you can re-program it into any usb device class (usb-serial, hid keyboard, mouse, audio, camera, oscilloscope, etc etc) if you are happy to write code

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    Quote Originally Posted by ag123 View Post
    can dfu-util
    be added to the opensuse distributions?
    How exactly this question is related to Open Build Service?

    Anything that has suitable license can be added to openSUSE distributions. This just needs someone to submit and maintain it.

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