a little personal review of opensuse 15.1 rc
i just tried openSUSE 15.1 RC (beta), my old harddrive crashed and i can't wait 3 weeks to get the 'official' release

openSUSE 15.1 leap simply works pretty well ! just about all apps (e.g. web browsers Firefox, Thunderbird, Libreoffice) i've use in past works with the new versions bundled in the distribution

i'm slightly disappointed that gcc, g++ isn't bundled in the iso image, i think it should be included. But otherwise i've installed that from the repository.
it is gcc/g++7 in the default in the repository, gcc/g++8 is there but remains separate from the 'stem' gcc naming. i.e. running gcc runs gcc 7, running gcc8 runs gcc8.

the platform i'm running on is
Gigabyte GA-H97-D3H haswell i7 4790
(for the lm-sensors (e.g. fan speeds and controls) you'd need to modprobe it87 for it. it used to be that that needs to be manually build and installed)

i installed a Nvidia gtx1070 bought used, but instead of installing the propriety nvidia drivers, i tried nouveau
while installing mesa-dri-nouveau from the repositories, there is scary warning about app crashes and problems with kde desktop environment and qt apps

but happily after installing nouveau i've been able to run glx gears and rss-glx-0.9.1-lp151.3.4.x86_64 'screen savers' which run pretty well on nouveau
and i actually tried sauerbraten, the game plays really well
without nouveau, Mesa falls back to frame buffer driver and cpu runs >70% on all cores pushing up fan speeds.
unfortunately, nouveau still isn't very complete, gpu temperatures from lm-sensors seem to be 55 deg C level during gameplay and i'm not sure if it is accurate
in addition, google earth don't work in noveau currently, the display is 'broken', i'd guess for that it would need the actual nvidia drivers.
google earth works ok with the Mesa frame buffer driver though.
otherwise, X11, kde plasma desktop seem to work pretty well fine dispite the dri-nouveau warning.