The Leap v. of OpenSuse 15 has 3 live versions available, KDE, Gnome, & XFCE (called rescue). I can successfully boot the XFCE, but neither of the KDE or Gnome because of what I'm guessing is a graphics problem. I have successfully booted each of them once in the default mode, but subsequently and w/ a variety of different boot parameters, I can't boot either again.

The hardware in question is 8G ram and the vid is Radeon HD 4200 and such as Kub 19.04 loads the radeon driver. When the boot fails it ends at OK 'started x display manager' and there are a couple of minor failures before that involving systemd; locale service, postfix mail transport agent, and hostname service. There is also an 'error error' about 'no UMS in radeon module' which I once tho't was important but now disregard as not being *useful*.