Am simply updating my 15.0 presentation with 15.1 content,
So the slide deck is available at the same URL as before...

Although the slide deck can be downloaded, it's deployed online so that anyone can access the slides without any special software or hardware... You only need a web browser and Internet connection, doesn't matter if you're on an openSUSE, another distro, MSWindows, a phone or tablet, etc.

If you'd like to use the deck or any part of it for your own presentation, feel free to clone the presentation and make it your own (You only need to create your own free account).

Unlike other traditional presentations, this does not simply describe differences between openSUSE and other distros, the flow is presented through the eyes of a newbie making decisions pre-install, during the install, and post-install (What should you do after you finish the Install?), including updating, adding new components, how to find Help. Although the openSUSE Startup is more comprehensive, I think as Presentation slides a lot of the info is easier to understand.

Of course, with the new updated content, plenty of new 15.1 features are mentioned, but it also includes things that were new in 15.0 which may not have noticed.

For the next day or so, I'll be adding a couple new sections (YaST, Kubic?) and possibly add some text for content I usually deliver verbally, but the majority of the Slides are now available for viewing (and critiquing).