There is LibreOffice bug that seems to be reproducible in openSUSE, but not to be reproducible in Windows or Arch Linux.
Please help to reproduce, confirm and investigate this!

1. Download latest LibreOffice RPMs bundle master*_Linux_x86-64_rpm.tar.gz from and extract RPMs
2. Install at least libreofficedev6.3-writer libreofficedev6.3-en-US libreofficedev6.3 packages with their dependencies. To do this from command line with dependencies:

mkdir LibreOffice-master
cd LibreOffice-master
wget "$URL"
tar -xf $TAR
cd ./LibreOfficeDev_*_rpm/RPMS
sudo zypper --no-gpg-checks --non-interactive in --force libreofficedev6.3-writer-6.3.*.rpm libreofficedev6.3-en-US-6.3.*.rpm libreofficedev6.3-6.3.*.rpm libreofficedev6.3-ure-6.3.*.rpm  lodevbasis6.3-core-6.3.*.rpm lodevbasis6.3-en-US-6.3.*.rpm lodevbasis6.3-writer-6.3.*.rpm lodevbasis6.3-images-6.3.*.rpm lodevbasis6.3-*-integration-6.3.*.rpm
Finally open ODT file . You can do in by executing:
Capture you screen. Compare your screenshot with https://bug-attachments.documentfoun....cgi?id=151200 and https://bug-attachments.documentfoun....cgi?id=143901

Look if you see
"=" in equation. LibreOffice 6.0 seems to have = symbol, but 6.1 and later versions don't.