I use Droid Sans Mono in emacs at 7pt which gives me a nice crisp font and allows me to pack many lines in a window (which is good for programming). This works very nicely on my local machine (running Leap 42.3), but when I run emacs on a remote server (running Leap 15.0) it looks very different. Hinting is different, making the characters look more fuzzy and also the line spacing is much wider (2 pixels wider to be precise) resulting in the fact that I have far less lines in my window. This is a screenshot from a local emacs window:

And this is the same section from the remote window:

I made sure that the .emacs and .Xdefaults files are identical on both machines and also the .ttf files are identical (checked with md5sum). The font settings in the settings manager are also the same. I am running an Xfce desktop. Can anybody tell me what I need to do to fix the font rendering in the remote window?