My wife's laptop is finally running Leap 15, and I am hoping she will boot it instead of bypassing for Win 10. She won't(yet) let me boot Leap automatically).

A big thank you goes out to a whole bunch of people in here that have coddled me, helped me, and somewhat force me to 'think on my own' to get things done.
All of whom I call 'The Regulars'. You know who you are!

And lately malcomlewis(PM) for getting me the Galileo information to get her Fitbit Flex recognized in Leap, and able to sync it. That was the big thing she was hesitating about.

My next task on that machine is to get the WiFi dongle(Realtek). lsusb recognizes it, and that is the first step to being able to get it set up. IF not, then the onboard 2.4G WiFi works very well under Linux until I can find a dongle that has Linux drivers readily available.

For some reason the install recognized the original Windows 7 that was on the machine and added it to the Grub boot menu. Got that taken care of, Ubetcha!

Ah yes, the elephant in the room>>> That big ugly Canon All-in-One printer that won't work In Leap(or any other Linux AFAIK). Some of ya's tried to help with that, but it was an insurmountable hill to climb. So, I'm looking at laserjet AiO's from Brother and HP(ugh), and need to make up my mind!

Once again, THANK YOU ALL for your amazing help and encouragement and most of all the patience ya'll have shown me.