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Thread: Just reporting about hibernate.

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    Default Just reporting about hibernate.

    on 42,3, the hibernate mode is functioning. Slowly but it working. But i'm restarting the computer the program seem to have a problem of identification. On boot, a message is appearing saying something like: Hardware have change since the last time. Chance of success are low.

    It"s not exactly the message, but it is the general idea. The weird part is there is no change of equipements, It is exactly the same machine.
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    Default Re: Just reporting about hibernate.

    Odd... try running mkinird as root that should re-detect the hardware and adjust settings.

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    Default Re: Just reporting about hibernate.

    Are you saying that you are getting that message when you resume from hibernate?
    Do you have any removable media like external USB hard drives or mounted shares?
    If you do, try disconnecting those before you hibernate your system.

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