Dear all,
I would like to inform you about a potential bug in the avr-glibc library, that is distributed with openSuSE repositories.

For quite a while I analysed an issue, that kept me busy away from progress:
I used Arduino from the openSuSE repo, including avr-toolchain and avr-glibc, that comes with the packages.
Everything went well until I used an example coming with ITEAD Nextion library for Arduino from
When I tried to compile CompWaveform example, the linker gave an error message, that there is something wrong with the sprintf() function.
I reinstalled everything without change. Then I tried the same example under Win7-setup, where it succeeded.
Comclusion: the issue is not with Arduino or Nextion library, it is related to avr-glibc library...and I obviously didn't use sprintf() for Arduino/AVR before.

So this is what I did to fix the issue:
1. I removed avr-glibc from installation.
2. I removed Arduino from installation (because it demanded this avr-glibc)
3. I downloaded avr-glibc from
and build the sources on my machine.
4. I downloaded and installed Arduino from
Now the build of the above example with Arduino works well.

I would apreciate, if you could try to reconfirm the issue and fix the avr-libc library appropriately.

In case of questions, please send me a PN and I can provide the Nextion libs and examples.

kind regards,