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Thread: Glibc Update Kills CrashplanPro app

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    Default Glibc Update Kills CrashplanPro app

    I use CrashplanPro to keep my computer backed up. It has run perfectly for a few years. Since the latest OpenSUSE 15.0 update of glibc (2.26-lp150.11.14.2), the program crashes with a segmentation fault. When I revert to 2.26-lp150.11.9.1, the program runs fine. Is there a workaround or a way to install two versions of glibc -- one to use in general and one for Crashplan only? Is this a known bug which is being dealt with?


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    A little more information -- Crashplan is an Electron application. After some Googling, it looks like this problem may affect most (all?) Electron applications.

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    Default Re: Glibc Update Kills CrashplanPro app

    Took a brief look at available Crashplan resources.

    Although I didn't find anything about the Crashplan Pro download,
    There is a pretty fair amount of info for people who want to write their own clients... There is a "Code42 API" which can be called by anything you want to write in any language.

    So, quick bottom line is that since there is no tight integration (restrictions) on how the client app is written, there is no certainty that you can do any troubleshooting of your own, and if your app is written in C (your reference to glibc problems), then there's additional de-compilation and likely licensing issues when the app isn't open source.

    This generally means that you should talk to the company about the problem. If your registration and/or support has expired I understand that's a problem but they should fix the problem, not you.

    Alternative is to write your own app or build your own commands...

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