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Thread: Cannot disconnect Wifi when running in VNC

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    Default Cannot disconnect Wifi when running in VNC

    I have 2 connections: wired (Ethernet) and wireless (Wi-Fi).
    I definitely set my Wifi not to connect automatically in Network Settings. So re-connection cannot be the issue. I do use Network Manager.
    When I click on Disconnect button in Networks pop-up, there is a bit of visual feedback, but no disconnection. The button re-appears and still labelled with "Disconnect" and there seems to be increased traffic on that interface for a short while after the click. So something happened - but it wasn't a successful disconnection.
    There is no hint in dmesg that any disconnection took place.
    Which log I should look at?

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    Default Re: Cannot disconnect Wifi when running in VNC

    Are you trying to disconnect WiFi on your local machine or the remote machine?

    And, is your VNC connection over the wired or wireless connection?

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