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Thread: System cannot be rebooted from VNC KDE desktop

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    Default System cannot be rebooted from VNC KDE desktop

    When I hit "Reboot" from KDE main menu, when connected remotely via VNC; all it does is to disconnect me, end my session, log me off, but system is NOT rebooted

    There is no indication in /var/log/messages or dmesg that system was rebooted.

    One has to open Konsole and run CLI command to really reboot the system:

    $ sudo systemctl reboot
    Then, and only then, there is clear indication that system was rebooted.

    Same goes for power off (shutdown).

    Am I doing something wrong? Is it expected behavior when one is connected via VNC?

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    Default Re: System cannot be rebooted from VNC KDE desktop

    I always sudo nohup init 6 in a terminal to force a reboot. the nohup forces the command to continue even if the connection is broken.

    The old stuff always works. init 0 does a power off.
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