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Thread: Cannot run gambas3

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    Question Cannot run gambas3

    Hi there,

    I'm recently installed gambas3 on my computer but when I try to run nothing happens. I'm using KDE,
    Also, I tried run it from terminal and I the message is:
    gbx3: unable to find startup file
    Any idea that is happening here ?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback



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    Default Re: Cannot run gambas3

    Took a look at this and also skimmed the many bug reports, apparently this has been reported on a regular basis since at least openSUSE 13.1.
    Unfortunately the fixes which have worked historically do not seem to work.

    From a couple years ago, this was posted but does not seem to work for me.

    I then installed gambas3-ide
    zypper in gambase3-ide
    And the IDE fires up.
    I don't know if anything in the IDE will work, I didn't test any code.
    Trying to execute gambas3 from the command line still throws the same error.

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