I'm more than a little bit concerned with respect to the Post “how to prevent sleep” <https://forums.opensuse.org/showthre...-prevent-sleep>.

The originator was asking about disabling system sleep from the KDE Plasma Desktop.
  • Finding the appropriate KDE Documentation via openSUSE isn't, IMHO, self evident – the openSUSE Documentation concentrates on GNOME …
  • For those folks who use the (openSUSE default) KDE Plasma Desktop:

The KDE Documentation is here: <https://docs.kde.org/>.

OK, also not so intuitive but, the route to the “System Settings” Documentation can be found here: <https://docs.kde.org/index.php?langu...=kde-workspace> – click on “kde-workspace” in the main KDE Documentation page.
The “System Settings” Documentation is here: <https://docs.kde.org/stable5/en/kde-...ngs/index.html>.

The “Power Management” Documentation is here: <https://docs.kde.org/stable5/en/kde-...vil/index.html> – “Suspend session” is the Energy Saving option the Post's originator was possibly looking for …

OK, now we begin to get into a “very confusing for a lot of people” area:
  • Suspend” versus “Sleep” – IMHO, AFAICS, documentation related to “Power Saving”, in general, uses these words interchangeably and, confusingly – even though, they both mean the same thing: “The system is placed into a mode which saves energy and, recovers to an operational state quickly.” …