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Thread: Some feedback on Tumbleweed

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    Smile Some feedback on Tumbleweed

    So I distro hop. A lot. Too much actually. I installed openSUSE Tumbleweed a few days ago (and it has nothing to do with all the new SUSE music videos just released for SUSECON... nothing... ). I am very happy with a number of changes since I last played around with openSUSE.

    The most difficult things I normally face in any distro is getting my game on. Nvidia drivers, easy peasy now... and not just any drivers very very up to date drivers (the kind that you need with Proton and DXVK etc.). Very nice. In fact for the first time ever I was able to play games on openSUSE that is currently broken on Debian based distro's (Ubuntu / Mint) - example is League of Legends (not that I really play the game but it felt good installing it and it working flawlessly). The fact that Wine-staging is bleeding edge and can be installed directly was a bonus too. Between Lutris and Steam gaming is just too easy (For giggles I installed GOG - Galaxy in Lutris and under it installed classics like Warcraft 2 and even Star Wars Episode One Pod Racer and they just worked at least Warcraft 1 started without sound so there is a little challenge to overcome later).

    Spotify, working... Discord, working... in fact I have so far ran into only one real issue and that is related to the VPN I am using (thread created, possible solution attained).

    Now unless a fairly trivial and unrelated thing happens that prompts me to distro hop I am sure I will be able to happily compute in Tumbleweed for some time to come.
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    Welcome to the openSUSE world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nrickert View Post
    Welcome back yet again to the openSUSE world.
    Fixed (emphasis mine)
    I plastered all these walls with colour...

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