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Thread: Menulibre stopped working.

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    Default Menulibre stopped working.

    UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xce in position 41: unexpected end of data

    Also XFCE's right click menu shows halved some times with up and down arrows plus document creation is missing. Is there an option to reinstall something "along with its dependencies"?

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    Default Re: Menulibre stopped working.

    You can "force re-install" an application by simply adding "-f" to the "zypper install packagename" command. AFAIK dependencies won't be force re-installed as well, you'd have to do that separately if you wish but isn't usually necessary.

    zypper install -f packagename
    Remember that "force re-installing" will over-write any custom configuration files with the install defaults, so if you want to save your personal setting, those should be backed up first.

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