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Thread: opensuse must not copy the ms windows idium

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    Default opensuse must not copy the ms windows idium

    Been around the opensuse since 11.1 and while I like and use it as my main OS a number of factors rate a disappointment.

    with the stuff from redmund you know what you are getting. Basically an OS that may or may not work with your hardware, full of buggs that never get really fixed (gg in bugs is intentional), a claim that the software is a complete finished piece of work but true to the nature of software, is never finished
    and requires skads of updates and patches as soon as it is released.

    In contrast, opensuse has always to my knowledge stated it is a work in progress which will need updates and patches as things progress. Where it starts to diminish is the move away from well documented easy to find instructions that prior releases had, dropping of 32 bit libraries which you must now search for as Leap 15.0 is 64 bit only, taking away the test live before you install option now that you are leap. Use of EFI has been replaced by UEFI but live test system via Gecko-Linux can work EFI or UEFI but the install is EFI only. Persistant storage of Gecko-Linux requires a work around
    to change the btrfs system to ext4 format once persistent storage is set.

    As I said earlier, Redmund dos then windows took away bootable floppies with dos OS killed off certain dos useful programs too as they moved to windows which despite their claims still rests on a dos subsystem. Removed most of the included help subsystem so people can't try to fix things, dropped support for 32 bit machines, dropped support for 32 bit applications, and the list goes on.

    My rant is because I need a live system to fix a broken system thousands of miles away run by someone who lacks the skill to fix things and where I could fix things in the past with opensuse now I can't. The replacement Gecko-linux based on opensuse still is not near the system of it's predecessor.
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    Default Re: opensuse must not copy the ms windows idium

    I usually avoid soapbox and ranting, but anyway...

    You mention GeckLinux a few times here, but do you realise that you can install openSUSE Leap as a live distro as well?

    I'm also not sure what you think is lacking with openSUSE documentation, but you're always welcome to participate and add to it where needed...
    To get in touch with the documentation team:

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    Default Re: opensuse must not copy the ms windows idium

    Just a few quick comments.

    On the dropping of 32-bit support: this is happening for many distros. It's a reaction to marketplace changes -- new computers are 64-bit, and have been for a while. Tumbleweed is still available for 32-bit. And if you follow the factory mailing list, you will see that it is increasingly difficult, as some software lacks upstream support for 32-bit. What it amounts to, is that if you really want the Leap series to be available as 32-bit, then you need to volunteer to provide the support and maintenance.

    On EFI vs. UEFI. Honestly, use either term and most people will understand what you are saying. The term "UEFI" is what is used in recent specifications, but people often abbreviate.

    On GeckoLinux -- based on openSUSE, but managed elsewhere. We can't do much about it. Personally, I do appreciate the effort of the GeckoLinux maintainer. However, as deano-ferrari mentioned, somebody is now preparing live openSUSE media for Leap 15.0. And the live media are being kept reasonably up-to-date.

    Beyond that, what happens with openSUSE depends on what upstream developers provide. And it also depends on the openSUSE users who volunteer to maintain packages for the distro.
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    Default Re: opensuse must not copy the ms windows idium

    What deano_ferrari and nrickert say .
    Sadly the Gecko project seems to be pretty dead, apart from some activity in their "forums". The gitgub project says Latest commit 0f6613f on 16 Jun 2018.
    In case of a Tumbleweed download this means f.e. that the first dup will replace all packages. All.
    And in case of Leap, a huge update after the installer ( which is Calamaris IIRC ) has done it's job.
    Must say though, AFAIK it had quite some users at some time, and we did not see many of them in the forums.
    Since this is soapbox: I think projects like this are doomed to die. Simply for the reason it's a one man project.
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    Question Re: opensuse must not copy the ms windows idium

    Quote Originally Posted by techwiz03 View Post
    My rant is because I need a live system to fix a broken system thousands of miles away
    Is the remote repair to be executed via a telephone conversation or, remote access to the system?
    • If remote access, is there access to a VT or, only to a GUI session?

    IBM and DEC implemented remote hardware support with specialised consoles which allowed remote access to the system's hardware console – in the early 1980's – via dial-up modems – IBM SNA, Arpanet and DECnet were around but, not public – Internet was in it's very early phase as an inter-University network …
    • DEC had autodialler systems which allowed the support staff to dial the customer's machine – only those systems with the appropriate maintenance contract could be accessed by the 24 X 7 support teams …
    • And, the DEC support staff could only access the customer's machine when, the customer physically enabled the remote access – by means of a (physical) key …
    • And, despite all that, if the system was really dead, Field Service had to visit the customer's site – 24 X 7 – and, often, the repair was checked by the remote support centre …

    Please do not ask, how much the customers were paying for this level of service …

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